Laser cutting

The eVision laser cutter series has been developed to meet the most unique customer expectations. The eVision series is an improved evolution of EAGLE lasercutters which provides extremely high performance ratings, full processing automation and reduced cutting detail fabrication costs already in the basic versions. Optimized components, linear motors driving all axes, low-weight moving parts, and extremely fast table changers form the dynamic, heavy-duty eVision series models, with the production changeover times reduced to the essential minimum.
The laser beam source in the eVision series is a system of diodes and optical fibres, a very low-cost and maintenance free laser cutting solution. The eVision series models can be customized with the laser output power from 1 to 6 kW. The state-of-the-art solid-state laser beam source (with the wavelength at 1.07 µm) allows cutting of black steel sheets, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, or brass.

This latest achievement in commercial laser cutting provides an outstanding flexibility of custom cutting forms and sizes. Cutting metal sheets with this superior laser product is bound to meet all customer demands. Prodmax guarantees superior quality of laser-cutting services. The eVision laser cutter processes jobs with extreme speed for the best and most competitive order lead times. Laser cutting is the future of metalworking which greatly enhances metal fabrication capabilities.


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