Prodmax provides end-to-end custom welding services.

Several welding processes are available according to customer
designs and materials to be welded.

Custom welding services are available to end customers, and small and large business. The welding processes can be provided both on and off-site.
Each welding service order is approached individually and on par with the highest standards. Prodmax can fabricate weldments of aluminium, cast iron or stainless-steel, among other weldable material types. Prodmax can provide the welding stock or process entrusted materials.
The welding services are provided by operating best-in-class equipment. The range of available welding services is very diverse, and it is, ultimately, up to the customers to choose the right one for their projects. Prodmax boasts profound experience in welding and can provide professional assistance to help choose the best welding process for the materials in question. Welding services provided by Prodmax meet all applicable standards. Customer satisfaction and professional delivery are what really matters for Prodmax.

Krzysztof Grudzień
tel. kom.: 512 010 967