Chimney flue sealing compound

The silicate-based compound is designed for sealing smoke, flue gas and ventilation chimney ducts. The product is applied on the outer surfaces of the chimney to fill out cracks of bricks and mortar to provide 100-percent along the chimney duct. The sealing compound can stop very large gaps with a superior adhesive power, durability and abrasion resistance. The sealing compound meets the latest trends and demands of chimney flue engineering.


ALU-MAX-FOL (S) chimney expansion liner

The chimney expansion liner provides superior protection of the inner flue surface against aggressive and corrosive flue gases from natural gas combustion. The chimney expansion liner can also protect and seal ventilation stacks in residential or industrial buildings, both newly built or refurbished. The chimney expansion liner is a self-supporting static structure, gas-tight, water-resistant, non-absorbing, chemically inert, and with an excellent heat transfer performance. The ducting made with the chimney expansion liner perfectly follows the full bore of the stack.