Sheet metal bending

The wide range of services from Prodmax includes plastic forming of metals. Steel and sheet metal bending are among the most essential material processing methods. Bending is simply changing the curvature of a processed object. Bending includes actual of steel and straightening of steel with the integrity of the material retained. To meet the popular demand for steel and sheet metal bending, Prodmax operates the state of the art bending processes and machinery, including the Amada bending brakes. The Amada bending brakes guarantee the highest precision and repeatability of sheet metal processing with extremely short cycle times.

Hence Prodmax can provide to all customer demands. With the latest technologies at the disposal of Prodmax, the sheet metal bending processes meet the highest applicable standards. Our machinery ensure very short lead times with precision-made deliverables. Prodmax also provides sheet metal bending to custom designs. Prodmax can fabricate all bend configurations.

Bending pres= 150 ton
Max bending material thickness = 50mm
Max bending edge length = 3m



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