The KOMIN-MAX ŻARO heat-resistant oval chimney systems are made from heat-resistant steel sheet and designed for flue gas discharge from wood or solid green fuel stoves and boilers. The KOMIN-MAX ŻARO chimney liner is designed for installation in ceramic chimney flues in new buildings and retrofitting legacy chimney systems. All components of the heat-resistant chimney liner exposed to the flue gas shall be made with 1.4828 heat-resistant steel sheet per the reference standards PN-EN 1856-1:2009 and PN-EN 1856-2:2009.
All non-exposed components can be made of other corrosion-resistant materials.

Minimum components of a complete single-wall heat-resistant oval kit:

  • Condensate drain
  • Cleanout (access) door
  • Service door
  • Boiler / stove connection T-piece
  • Straight pipes and bends
  • Roof base plate to cover the ceramic / steel / reinforced-concrete chimney stack
  • Chimney cap

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Product Catalogue: Single-wall heat-resistant oval chimney systems