The single-wall chimney systems are made from stainless-steel sheet and designed for vacuum-pressure flue gas discharge from gas or furnace oil stoves and boilers. The chimney liner is designed for installation in ceramic chimney flues in homes and steel or reinforced-concrete chimneys in industrial buildings. The chimney flues built with these systems resist corrosion from the acid condensate formed during combustion. The water vapour condenses on the cooler inner walls of the flue and the condensate is drained out by the condensate pan at the bottom of the flue stack. Condensation may appear when starting a boiler (or stove) or during its on and off combustion.

Flexible stainless-steel pipe

The flexible stainless-steel pipes are a great alternative whenever simple chimney liner pipes cannot be installed. The product boasts a high flexibility of bending and fits many applications.

Technical parameters of stainless-steel pipes

Sheet thickness: 0.12 mm

Material: stainless steel

Material grade: 1.4404

Max. operating temperature: 500 °C

Connection type: socket connectors




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Flexible (flue gas) stainless-steel pipes

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