KOMIN-MAX DUO double-wall (insulated) heat-resistant chimney systems

The KOMIN-MAX DUO ŻARO double-wall chimney systems with heat-resistant inner jackets made from heat-resistant sheet are designed as standalone stacks for flue gas discharge from wood or solid green fuel stoves and boilers.

The product is manufactured in a standard diameter range of DN130/290 to DN300/440. All components of the double-wall chimney system exposed to the flue gas shall be made with 1.4828 stainless-steel sheet per the reference standards PN-EN 1856-1:2009 and PN-EN 1856-2:2009.

The outer jacket and all non-exposed components can be made of other corrosion-resistant materials, e.g. 1.4301 steel sheet. The thermal insulation layer is made from non-flammable ceramic fibre mat with a continuous resistance to temperatures up to 1200 ºC.

Note that in accordance with applicable Polish regulations, each chimney or chimney liner installation shall be approved for use by a licensed chimney sweeping provider.



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Product Catalogue: Double-wall (insulated) heat-resistant chimney systems

Declaration of Performance

Factory Quality Control Certificate: Double-wall stainless-steel systems

Furnace oil X
Wood X
Pellets X
Coal X
Corrosion resistance Vm
Max. operating temperature 600
Core material inner:1.4828; outer: 1.4301
Core material thickness 1
Insulation Mineral wool
Insulation thickness 50 mm
Operation type vacuum
Soot fire resistance G
Approvals / certificates CE 1450-CRP-0010
Warranty 2 years