TER MAX includes thermal insulation products made of PEF (polyethylene foam), which is formed by foaming of polyethylene with gas. The resulting PEF material is a closed-pore foam. The structure makes it great for thermal insulation applications.
All PEF product from Prodmax are properly cured before release for sale. Curing is required to replace the processing gas in the pores with ambient air and stabilize the dimensions of the fabricated PEF shapes.
The TER MAX insulation shapes are made of high-quality PE foam and available in grey. The PEF shapes are applied as insulation cladding for hot and cold utility water pipes in building installations.

  • PEF apparent density: 30 to 35 kg/m³
  • Temperature resistance: -65°C to +95°C
  • Thermal conductivity, λ: 0.036 W/mK
  • Longitudinal shrink at 95°C: < 1.65%
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance, µ: 3500



PEF insulation prevents diffusion of water vapour and protect pipes against condensation and corrosion. The extremely low water absorption rate (24-h WAv = 0.1 %) of PEF insulation makes it virtually impervious to wicking of water. PEF products also feature soundproofing properties



with outer PE lattice coating


  • Heating systems
  • Hot and cold utility water systems
  • Protection against mechanical damage and water condensation

Available diameter range: 12 mm to 35 mm

Wall thickness: 4, 6, 9, and 13 mm




Prodmax provides custom coating of Alupex pipes with knurled insulation in a pipe diameter range from 12 mm to 35 mm. The coating is available in a choice of colours and length sizes with the insulation layer thickness at 4, 6 or 9 mm.