The galvanized steel sheet square air distribution systems are designed specifically for building fireplace hot air distribution systems embedded in cast-in-place mortar or installed beneath suspended ceilings. The wide range of square fittings and components sizes helps build very complex systems. The components are joined together with male connectors.

Ventilation systems extract waste air from the building to the outside. Proper performance of a ventilation system largely depends on the quality of the materials used to build it and the manufacturing quality of all components. Ventilation chimneys and ducts and other ventilation components are of particular importance here. The quality of air that we breathe greatly affects our health and well-being, and both depend on how a ventilation system performs.

Air distribution system components:

  • Straight ducts
  • T-pieces
  • Bends
  • Air intakes
  • Dampers
  • Reducers
  • Air grilles and diffuser adapters
  • Connectors
  • Installation brackets

Air distribution system applications

Hot air distribution ductwork embedded in cast-in-place floors and beneath suspended ceilings

  • Fireplace hot air distribution systems
  • Ventilation systems

Sheet thickness: 0.5 mm

Material: galvanized steel sheet

Fabrication: spot welding

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Product Catalogue: Galvanized steel sheet square air distribution systems

Declaration of Performance no. 10/07/2013