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MOizo is an air distribution system based on flexible ducts with thermal insulation and designed specifically for HVAC systems. With a temperature resistance up to +250°C, these non-flammable ducts are perfect for hot air distribution from fireplaces in indoor heating systems. The ducts suppress vibration of the system and reduce the number of fittings required, while providing effective thermal insulation to minimize heat loss.

The inner layer is a duct with sparse perforation. The insulation covering is made of mineral wool. The outer jacket is formed by multi-layered laminated aluminium reinforced with fibreglass. There is an additional polyester-film vapour barrier between the inner duct and the thermal insulation. The aluminium layer is thicker than in standard flexible aluminium pipes to improve rigidity, durability and mechanical strength.

– brak konieczności używania specjalnych narzędzi do cięcia lub mocowania

Technical parameters of air distribution systems:

– Length: 10 m, compressed in length to 1 m and packed in cardboard boxes
– Operating temperature range: 30/+250°C
– Thermal insulation, 20 kg/m3: 25 mm mineral wool
– Outer jacket: GFR aluminium, PE
– Max. air velocity: 30 m/s
– Max. operating overpressure: 3000 Pa

– Requires no special trimming or fastening tools

– Easy to install
– No toxic vapour or gas emission at high temperature
– European non-flammability certificates
– PZH-NIH Hygiene Certificate
– PN-EN 13180:2002 Declaration of Conformity


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MOizo round air distribution systems

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