ALU-MAX-FOL ventilation chimney liner

The chimney liner can protect and seal ventilation stacks in residential or industrial buildings, both newly built or refurbished. It is a perfect odour barrier for ventilation systems.

Manufactured sizes of the chimney liners:

  • Circumference: 42 to 180 cm.
  • Height: max. 100 lin.m.
  • Install a liner duct 0.5 to 1.0 m longer than the chimney flue.

Technical parameters:

  • The maximum flue gas temperature measured in the exhaust duct at the breeching shall be 250°C
  • Gas-tight, water-resistant, non-absorbing, and chemically inert liner with an excellent heat transfer performance
  • Self-supporting static structure
  • The liner smooth bore and thermal insulation improve the flue draught for a better combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption
  • The ducting made with the chimney expansion liner perfectly follows the full bore of the stack.



Design of ALU-MAX-FOL (S) chimney expansion liners

  1. 40 µm thick outer PE sleeve
  2. 0.12 mm thick acid-resistant aluminium foil coated with 40 µm thick PP film
  3. µm thick inner PE sleeve (expands the liner, removed after expansion)
  4. 45 μm thick PP tape attached to the aluminium foil (along the seams) to seal the hemming




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Ventilation chimney liner

Hygiene Certificate: ALU-MAX-FOL